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« I believe if we take more time to share moments together around a table, there would be less wars and conflicts around the world »

Hikmath Eyitayo, founder at HIBISKO




Born in Ivory Coast and bred from Benin in Western Africa, Hiko grew up learning that cultural globalization, or worldwide McDonaldization has destroyed diversity and displaced the opportunity to sustain decent human life through an assortment of many different cultures. Culture is an essential part of the human experience. Without it, life just isn’t as colorful and exciting. And we believe each culture has something genuine to offer that promotes peace, inclusion, harmony and social connection.

During her student exchange program in Singapore in 2013, Hiko was inspired by the multicultural society there. Being a part of the Western African culture community, she realized that her culture has to offer a set of unique traditions, rites, foods. So, she wanted to create something to make people come together, learn from each other and be curious about other's culture. In Canada, she witnessed the hard and fast-paced life in which people were more focused on their careers rather than their families and health. She wanted to share what’s the Western African culture has to offer in uniting the people and promoting diversity. 


Food brings people together. It brings people around a table, no matter the differences. The good laughs, stories, happiness follows when people come together for food. Western African culture is big on uniting people through food. Therefore, Hiko launched a business offering hibiscus tea with the mission to make people discover West African inspired product and appreciate the culture. The idea behind choosing the hibiscus tea as the first product line of the business is that it is part of multiple cultures around the world however, unknown in Canada. It was the perfect product to kickstart the business since it embodied the values, she wanted to implement by herself. It’s a great gift from nature with an amazing health benefit. Blends of high-quality natural hibiscus enriched with carefully selected natural flavors are the secret of the unique taste of our tea spreading the taste of Western African culture in Canada.

It’s been a long road and we’re proud to say that we are keeping our western African traditions alive in Canada. We’re always on the hunt for inspiration - experimenting with new flavors and trends or finding new sources of pure joy to share with you.





We honestly believe that our differences are the best gift humanity has to offer. That’s why we promote diversity in our products and lifestyle.


Our vision for a better world is to invite people to enjoy every moment to reconnect with themselves and the world around them. This lifestyle encourages us to learn others’ mores to better life together.


Therefore, HIBISKO wants to contribute people’s entire wellness and the growth of social and intercultural relations.


HIBISKO’s mission is for people to discover the fusion of flavors from Africa and all over the world while taking care of us human and nature.


Take the time :

It’s when we do not have time that we should take a break. However, that’s one of the biggest challenge in our fast pacing society. HIBISKO encourages each one of us to slow down to reconnect with ourselves and put our well-being first.



Sharing all forms of cultural expressions creates an incomparable wealth for humanity. HIBISKO embraces diversity every step of the way to constantly grow from our differences.



Through reciprocity and exchange, we create a better world in the present and for the future. Let’s share our stories – let’s share our happiness – let’s share with others!